Splicing fiber optic cables is entirely different as compared to splicing metal cables. The process needs to be carried out in an extremely precise and proper manner as otherwise it will result in great optical loss besides increasing the downtime of the network considerably. That is why the task is completed using a high quality fusion splicer such as the Comway FTTX Arc Fusion Splicer.

The device features smart arc control technology that offers automatic calibration arc discharge ensuring the same stable loss within different environments. It comes with an ultra narrow ceramic v-groove that makes the device suitable for a wide range of applications that require precision machining process. The ceramic fibe presser enhances the stability and durability for the precision ceramics polishing process.

The device also features high precision PAS alignment system along with the fast boot technology. In addition to being fitted with an easy to change electrode and clamp, the FTTX Arc Fusion Splicer comes with a high speed USB that makes for easy maintenance through the medium of internet. The device is designed to be resistant to dust, rain, wind and is even shock proof. It is powered by a large capacity battery that ensures 200 times splicing and heating than a regular splicer.