Fusion splicers find extensive usage in the telecommunication and computer networking industry as they help to ensure that the downtime of the fiber based network is kept to a minimum. The primary function of a fusion splicer is to connect two fiber optic cables together through fusing or melting. The quality of the fusion splicer determines the perfection in the joining of the cables which in turn helps in minimizing the optical loss or signal loss.

The Comway Fusion Splicers C10, are extremely high quality devices that ensure absolute amalgamation of fiber optic cables to create a highly reliable network.  This full function, high –end fusion splicer features a super heater with a heating time of 12 seconds to ensure faster joining and greater power saving. It also has the real fiber core visualization technology, with core-to-core alignment system that keeps the splicing loss at the lowest and also provides the facility of fiber identification and auto splicing mode.

The high light screen makes for easy readability even in bright sunshine and the ceramic fiber presser ensures greater stability and durability in the precision ceramics polishing process. The simple light source is easy to maintain while the large capacity battery enables extensive splicing and heating in a single charge.