A good quality and reliable OTDR is an essential piece of equipment used by technicians working on any fibre optic project. The device is used by the project engineers to get an estimate of the fiber length along with the overall loss in a fiber optic cable network.  It also helps these professionals to learn about the exact location of any breaks in the network and also provides them the details of optical return loss.

In this respect, the HSV-600 Hanheld OTDR proves to be an extremely efficient device that not only provides accurate data and information but is also capable of presenting it in high quality visual format. It features a 7inch touchscreen that is enhanced for outdoor viewing and comes with an 8 GB internal memory for easy storage of data. It is powered by a 5300mAh lithium battery pack that ensures a continuous usage time of 8 hrs at maximum charge.

Designed to ensure exceedingly high performance and easy accessibility to the users, the HSV-600 comes with an assurance of outstanding optical efficiency, accurate and stable internal parameters and an exquisite appearance. The gadget is extremely handy and lightweight, which makes it perfectly suitable for a wide range of optical test environments.