The contamination on the end faces of optical connectors is one of the major causes of various problems in optical communication equipments and networks. The contamination can result from a variety of factors including the accumulation of dust and debris on the ends of the connectors. The best way to overcome this problem is by cleaning the connector ends in a proper and thorough manner. The high quality optical connector cleaners are designed to help the users get rid of any contaminants on the end face of the connectors.

These devices use fiber that has been specifically developed for optical connectors so as to efficiently remove even the smallest contaminants, which might not otherwise be visible to the naked eye. The series comprises of a complete line-up of cleaners that are compatible with all types of optical connectors and making them free from any dust, debris and oil residues that might interfere with their optimal performance.

The device is designed to offer exceptional efficiency while ensuring great ease of usage to deliver constantly high quality cleaning performance. They use anti-static resin to minimize any interference with the cleaning performance and their compact and lightweight design makes them suitable for a use in a wide variety of applications to improve system performance.