Optical power meters are designed to look and work in almost a similar manner as the electronic multimeter, except that they are used to measure the light power being transmitted through an optical fiber network.  These devices are widely used in the fiber optic networking and communication industry for measuring absolute optical power as well as gaining information about the relative optical loss. The HSV-300L is an easy to use and compact optical power meter suitable for a wide range of applications.

Boasting of an ingenious design along with wide range of power measurement, the HSV-300L is capable of providing highly accurate data and the benefit of high performance to price ratio. The device features a comfortable LCD display with backlight support for easy night time usage. It provides the power measurements in dBm or mw units while the optical loss is measured in dB.

The device is powered by an AA alkaline battery and also features a low battery indicator. It comes with intelligent backlight control that enables the users to adjust the brightness in accordance with the intensity of the ambient light. It also helps in reducing power consumption of the device making the battery last longer and ensuring accurate measurements of power in a fiber optic network.