The extremely compact and easy to use HSV-300P is a high performance optical power meter that can be used for measuring absolute optical power and relative loss in optical fiber networks. The device proves extremely useful in wide range of applications such as carryingout maintenance tasks in telecom and CATV.  It is also used for fiber optic lab testing in addition to carrying out other fiber optic measurements that play an important role in ensuring the optimal performance of a communication or computer network.

The device comes fitted with a comfortable LCD display and an optional backlight LCD display to offer support for night operation. The device enables to measure optical power transmission in the units in dBm and mw while the insertion loss is measured in dB. The HSV-300P also supports reference power level storage which further helps to enhance its user friendliness. The device is designed to ensure low battery consumption and its three 1.5V alkaline batteries support a 240 hrs continual operation time.

Apart from its exceptional performance, the HSV-300L offers the additional benefit of ingenious design for a smart and elegant look. It can be used for a wide range of high accuracy power measurements and provides a significantly higher power-to-price ratio.