A good quality power meter plays an important role in enhancing the performance and efficiency of a fiber optic network. It helps to measure the total amount of light passing through a network to help the users gain information about any leaks or loss that might impact network performance. The HSV-300P2 is a high end optical power meter designed to provide accurate data related to transmission of optical power and relative optical loss.

The HSV-330P2 is a full-functional optical power meter designed for use in a wide range of applications including fiber network installation and fiber network engineering and maintenance. It offers the benefit of combined usage with a source of optical light and provides quick and accurate testing results for both SM and MM fibres. The device offers better features and functionality than the usual power meters.

The HSV-300P2 features automatic wavelength identification and switching along with automatic frequency identification and tone detection. It comes with a data storage function, which enables storage of up to 1000 test results, which can then be easily downloaded with the help of the USB communication port. The device makes it possible for the users to set up and store the reference power level besides which it enables activation and deactivation of auto off function.