ANET- A Global EPC Company

Why  ANET ?

ANET have experience in providing professional and technical services necessary for engineering, designing, building and commissioning wireless and wire line telecom networks. We provide our vendors with a higher than normal level of competency with one stop shop. We can provide our clients with cost effective and efficient network deployment, upgrade and maintenance solutions, regardless of technology, project size or its location.

Whether you have a requirement for engineering services, technical and installation assistance, or just need to have a Fiber structured cabling Project, we can help you, or we can combine our services to provide you with an end-to-end solution, with effective program management to assure timely execution.

Fibre Optics Projects

In today’s networked world, as demand for reliable, always-on, high-speed broadband services continues to rapidly grow, fiber optic networks are becoming the solution of choice for Fiber to the Business (FTTB) or Fiber To The Home (FTTH) customers in metropolitan, suburban and urban areas around the world.

ANET constantly developing solutions the way fiber optic networks are deployed – reducing costs, maximizing versatility, and minimizing environmental impact while rapidly improving time to market for new services. Regardless of your project’s application or scale, we can create the custom solution that will work for you.

CCTV and Security Projects

Anet  is a renowned electronic security system provider in India. Our 24 years of expertise in electronic security and dedication to quality has gone into creating the most innovative range of products under our own customization and quality conformations.

we continually set the standard for innovation, quality and value. Our  focus gives you the advantage of partnering with an industry leader whose resources and vision keep you ahead of the curve. Our local perspective gives you a team of knowledgeable professionals locally that truly understand your needs – like no other manufacturer.

Wireless Projects

Wireless communication, or sometimes simply wireless, is the transfer of information or power between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor. ANET can design engineer and implement Point-to-Point and Point-to Multipoint systems in any capacity required. ANET Experienced in Implementing Big Microwave Systems for our National Clients such as Rogers, Bell and TELUS

Scan and Coring Projects

At Anet , we have been providing concrete scanning services for  12 years. Our skill, expertise, and commitment to quality ensure that we complete any concrete scanning job efficiently and effectively. For embedded electrical service scanning, reinforced steel scanning, and any other job that requires the identification of what lies within and/or underneath your concrete, Anet has the experience needed to get the job done right.

When you need to locate obstructions before concrete is cut, concrete scanning offers a detailed look at what’s going on within and/or beneath the surface.

Recent Projects